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PRINCE2 ATO  Wir sind eine PRINCE2 Agile Accredited Training Organisation  Wir sind eine ITIL Accredited Training Organisation.

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Lernen Sie die PRINCE2-Projektmanagementmethode kennen und erlangen Sie das international anerkannte PRINCE2 Foundation-Zertifikat der AXELOS®. 
Bereiten Sie sich auf die Projektmanagementexpertenzertifizierung nach PMI vor – Niveaus PMP oder CAPM.
Treten Sie mit uns in die Welt populärer agiler  Ansätze, Techniken und Verhaltensweisen ein. 
Erlangen Sie fortgeschrittene Agile-Kenntnisse für Scrum Master und Product Owner. Mit Zertifizierungsmöglichkeit.
Nutzen Sie die Möglichkeit, PRINCE2-Kurse und Zertifizierungen des Basis- und Fortgeschrittenenniveaus zusammen zu einem vergünstigten Preis zu kaufen. 
Lernen sie den globalen IT-Servicemanagementstandard ITIL kennen und erlangen Sie das international gültige ITIL Foundation-Zertifikat der AXELOS.

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Ein neuer Servicemenagement-Ansatz für die digitale Ära. Mit EXIN®-Zertifizierung.

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Absolvieren Sie den Kurs mit unseren erfahrenen Lektoren, die selbst erfolgreich professionell verwenden, was sie lehren. Jeder von ihnen hat mehr als 20 Jahre Praxiserfahrung. Sie sind natürlich zugleich qualifizierte Trainer und halten alle notwendigen Akkreditierungen sowie Zertifikate.

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"Thank you. I received what I needed and expected. In spite of intensity of the course everything was OK, manageable."

Kristýna Korbelová, Project Manager, AutoCont CZ a.s.

"The course presented an integral perspective of methodics of PRINCE 2. It was well prepared and delivered. I recommend it."

Gabriela Hynková, Project Manager, AutoCont CZ a.s.

“I definitely recommend your courses to others. For me, not only the theoretical level was great, but also connection to pratical examples from real projects thanks to expirienced trainer.“

Petr Turovský, Project manager, AutoCont

"Stefan, thank you for the information (that I have passed the PRINCE2 Practitioner exam) and professional preparation. From now on I'll be just sitting under the framed certificate and doing project management consulting... :-)"

Miroslav Bedlek, Head of Delivery Management, Gratex International

"I liked the case studies and exercises the most. Really good training, knowledge transfer and really good organisation of course. I recomend you."

Tomáš Fabčín, Junior Account Manager, Gratex International

"I liked the practical exercises the most. Really good preparation, training, trainer - super! I recommend you."

Viera Rozborilová, Head of Project Back Office, Gratex International

"Very well organized training supported by examples from real life experience. PRINCE 2 is a very good certification for a project manager and the way of teaching/guidance in the POTIFOB company is very effective. I truly recommend it."

Lydia Handzová, Project Manager, IBM

"I liked the most the following: practical exercises, discussion. The course had a sufficient scope and manner, I would not change it."

Oľga Pašmíková, Project Manager, IBM

"I liked the most the following: the sequence of theoretical preparation, verification questions and applied exercises + possibility of utilization of e-learning, maintenance of a logical flow of information and their sequential application in exercises. Templates of management products accessible online in the e-learning are very useful."

PRINCE2 certificate training attendee, IBM


"I liked the case studies and examples from practice during training. The course is led by experienced professionals. I recommend."

Tomáš Dokulil, IT business consultant ERP, Konica Minolta

"I really liked the group exercises and repeating discussed topics each day. I appreciate sending study materials in advance of the training. Really good intensive lectures, practice tests each day. The course was intense and well organized."

PRINCE2 Foundation course participant, Konica Minolta

"Most of all I liked group tasks and the subsequent discussion regarding our projects."

Jan Kolář, Konica Minolta

"Great presentations, good lector, quick in examples. I would recommend to others."

Ondřej Boháč, Director, Prague Institute of Planning and Development

"The most I enjoyed group exercises. The case study used good, simple, easy to handle case.You have nice presentations and great style of teaching."

Milan Brlík, Urban Planner - Participation Specialist, Prague Institute of Planning and Development

"Asking questions right after each chapter works well for better memorization. Also the application of a model example is well done."

Lukáš Makovský, City Projects Specialist, Prague Institute of Planning and Development


"I appreciate practical examples and expertise of the trainer very much. I recommend! “

Jiří Zbranek, Division Director, Tesco SW, a.s.

"I liked practical examples and really good precourse preparation, including material supply."

Jiří Doubrava, TESCO SW a.s.

"I liked the most the training of case studies, the ability to explain and present an issue."

Martin Veselý, TESCO SW a.s.


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    Seine Autoren sind Stefan Ondek, PMP – Managing Partner der POTIFOB, Colin Bentley – der "Vater" von PRINCE2® und William R. Duncan – der primäre Autor der ersten Version des PMI PMBOK® Guide.

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